• OpenGamma Platform for Margining

    Standardized multi-CCP margin calculations to improve capital efficiency.

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  • OpenGamma wins sell-side tech award

    NEW YORK - April 16, 2014 - OpenGamma has won the '"Best Sell-Side Market Risk Product" category in the 2014 Sell-Side Technology Awards.

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  • Market Risk Analytics

    OpenGamma provides real-time market risk management technology for financial institutions to improve analytics calculation and delivery to front-office and risk users

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  • Open and Transparent

    The OpenGamma Platform is underpinned by an open architecture and released under an open source license.

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  • Real Time

    Drill down and understand your risk in detail with our cutting-edge, real-time calculation engine

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The OpenGamma Platform

Technology and solutions to help you improve capital efficiency in the new world of derivatives clearing



American options on futures: How American are they?

Less than one month to go until the Ryder Cup, one of the major American-European sporting rivalries. Meanwhile, we are in a year in which futurization is making its way into the standard dictionaries. Bearing these occurrences in mind, it seems an appropriate moment to discuss the differences between American and European futures options.

Innovation in the Listed Derivatives Space

In this clip, OpenGamma Chairman and Co-founder Kirk Wylie reveals the two major drivers behind innovation in the listed derivatives space in an exclusive interview with FIA Infonet.