• OpenGamma Platform for Margining

    Real-time, pre-trade margin calculations across clearing houses.

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  • Market Risk Analytics

    OpenGamma provides real-time market risk management technology for financial institutions to improve analytics calculation and delivery to front-office and risk users

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  • Open and Transparent

    The OpenGamma Platform is underpinned by an open architecture and released under an open source license.

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  • Real Time

    Drill down and understand your risk in detail with our cutting-edge, real-time calculation engine

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The OpenGamma Platform

A unified system for front-office and risk calculations for financial services firms



Boca Signals Shift Away from SEF Talk

The industry focus is moving away from swap execution facilities and towards the true cost of execution, while dealing with an array of regulatory and capital-related challenges.

Pricing Forward CDS, Indices and Options

A brief overview of single-name CDS pricing up to the calculation of the premium and Greeks for options on CDS indices, including a full implementation and comparison with the Bloomberg implementation.


TABB Forum: Transparency of Risk Analytics