Excel Integration

Build powerful sheet-based solutions in Excel, the end-user tool of choice on the trading floor.

Excel integration

Full Integration with Microsoft® Excel

The entire power of the OpenGamma Platform in your hands - without leaving the familiar Excel environment.

  • Switch easily between the Excel and web user interfaces for advanced functionality and data/result sharing that would otherwise require emailing large XLS files between users.
  • Keep complicated calculations where they belong: on the server and in your data center, rather than on the desktop.
Seamless Access to the Full Range of OpenGamma Analytics

Load portfolios, specify hypothetical positions, or combine the two into a worksheet-specific portfolio.

  • View risk analytics computed in a shared View Processor, or specify bespoke calculations to be computed on-demand.
  • Allow traders and risk managers to collaborate on portfolio construction and risk management.
  • Every component in a calculation (discount curve definitions, market data, function parameters) can be viewed in Excel.
  • View complicated structures (discount curves, VaR time series) in Excel.
  • Easily access the full range of the OpenGamma Platform’s stress testing and scenario analysis capabilities.