End-User Tools

A rich suite of end-user tools

Web UI

Nimble enough to make intraday changes to respond to market movements, OpenGamma’s modern HTML5 web UI brings streaming computation results straight to your browser.

HTML5 Web Interface
  • Standard interface to the OpenGamma Platform with streaming computation results to the browser and complete data integration and introspection.
  • Visualize market and trade data from multiple live sources, and integrate security time series data into security views.
  • Interactive graphical interfaces for time-series, histograms, curves and surfaces, providing real-time data interrogation
Power to the End Users

Market conditions now require changes to computations in the middle of the trading day. The OpenGamma Platform is designed from the ground up to allow end users to add, remove, or modify computations performed at runtime.

  • Pre- and post-trade analytics can be configured by the end user (e.g. P&L impact from market movements, live VaR, scenario analysis, and more).
  • Trade scenarios or new products can be configured on the fly with little or no IT/vendor support.
  • Appropriate security and change control mechanisms are built in to prevent breach of regulatory or audit requirements; approval check-points can be added before real-time changes are made.

MATLAB (in development)

The OpenGamma Platform was built from the ground up to enable the use of external models. As MATLAB is one of the leading platforms for prototyping quantitative models, end-users should be able to plug in those models directly without having to re-code them in another language. Using the MATLAB Production Server in conjunction with the OpenGamma Platform will allow you to use your existing MATLAB assets seamlessly.

Our rich APIs make it possible to interact with the OpenGamma server straight from MATLAB. Our customers have used this functionality to:

  • Conduct pre-trade analysis.
  • Generate scenarios in MATLAB and send them over to OpenGamma for portfolio simulations.
  • Inject market data that has been filtered or calibrated in MATLAB into the OpenGamma server.

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