Working at OpenGamma

OpenGamma has employees from a wide range of backgrounds. We think that this diversity helps us develop better software, by drawing on the experience of our team across disciplines.

About the team

OpenGamma has employees from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of us come from Hedge Funds or Investment Banks, some from financial technology companies, and some of us have no financial services background whatsoever. We think that this diversity helps us deliver better software, by drawing on the experience of our team across disciplines.

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What working at OpenGamma is like

We believe in providing the best possible environment for technologists, financial engineers, business domain specialists and project managers to produce their best. We have an open, airy office with lots of natural light, and a stocked fridge. All developers have their choice of workstation and monitor (most people have 30" displays on their desktop). Everything we do is designed to help the team perform at the peak of their abilities.

What we're looking for

Quite simply, we're looking for the best. Our recruiting process is rigorous because we believe that the quality of our team is one of our key competitive advantages.

Candidates that are successful here tend to be ones that have demonstrated ability to self-prioritize and self-motivate. We don't believe in micro-management, so we make sure we hire people who are capable of thriving in an environment where they're given responsibility and the freedom to execute on our vision.

We're also looking for people that we get along with. While we work hard at OpenGamma, we also have a friendly, social atmosphere because we all genuinely like working with each other.

Working at OpenGamma

How to apply

OpenGamma is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. If you think you're a suitable candidate, please apply today.

Send your CV and a covering note indicating why you think you'd be a great member of the OpenGamma team to jobs at opengamma dot com.

We will warn you, though, when you only hire the best, your recruiting process tends to be pretty intense. Depending on the role you might be asked for a code sample, might have to do several maths tests (for a quantitative role), and will go through several of the most gruelling hours of interviews you've likely faced. If you see that as a challenge, get in touch.

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